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Rethinking Time: Shifting the Paradigm on the Concept of Time

How do you squeeze more time out of a packed day?  Everyone, it seems, has a busy life and runs out of time to do what they want and have to do. In his book Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives, Dr. Richard Swenson writes, “To understand how a society … Continue reading

3 Instructional Resolutions for 2015

During this holiday season many people are excited about the presents and food, but for me, I look forward to New Year’s Day.  There is something about a shiny new year that promises a fresh start that makes me so invigorated. Yes, I love to make resolutions!  When I was a classroom teacher, I even … Continue reading

Are Public Schools Better Than Private Schools?

As this article points out, the debate about which schools are better – public or private – rages on. Valid arguments can be made on both sides; and, depending on the research, data can be found to support either position as well. While these things are certainly relevant in the policy sphere, I would argue … Continue reading

Teacher Retention – Newbies in the Classroom

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has just (March 19, 2014) released a new report that all school leaders need to read and heed. The report points out that 25 years ago the most common teacher in our country’s classrooms had 15 years experience.  Five years ago, the most common teacher was brand new, in her … Continue reading

CTE Demonstrates the Benefits of Rigor and Relevance

At a time when educators struggle to get a majority of high school students graduated on time, students in Career and Technical Education graduate in record numbers. Nationally, more than 90-percent of CTE students graduate on time, while the average for all high school students is less than 75%. I offer for your examination – … Continue reading

The only constants in education

The fad of the year… Initiative fatigue… the latest “new thing.” If there were a silver bullet to successfully educating children, someone would have fire that shot a long time ago.  Policy makers who try to force one-size-fits-all plans on schools and districts miss the point that all districts, all schools in all districts, and … Continue reading

Common Core — For Success Keep Everyone in the Loop

The move to the Common Core State Standards requires much more than adopting a new curriculum and some new standards.  Common Core requires not only a major change in what teachers teach, but also a major shift in the way they teach. Many states have done a good job letting their educators know “what” has … Continue reading

Supporting Teachers: NSDC Report Makes Case for Job-Embedded, Collaborative Professional Development

A new report from the National Staff Development Council concludes that American teachers spend more time in the classroom than many of their peers around the world – but student achievement doesn’t reflect the extra work.  Many factors can contribute to that scenario, but one conclusion they draw: teachers in the U.S. need more and … Continue reading

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