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Budget Frustrations

If it’s possible to measure a low point for morale in the education world, North Carolina teachers may be getting there. Budget cuts already discussed and virtually approved will take a bite out of classroom resources. Further proposed reductions will bite harder. Some lawmakers are trumpeting their plans to reduce lower grade class sizes by … Continue reading

Budget Ax Threatens Deep Cuts to NC Education System

For North Carolina educators, students and their parents, looming cuts to school funding pose an alarming threat. In a state that already ranks 46th in per pupil spending, the NC House budget unveiled this week would slash spending by almost 9 percent, more than a billion dollars, almost $500 per child. The numbers sound ominous, … Continue reading

Can Professional Development Have Lasting Impact?

A participant in one of our recent ExplorNet workshops on Multimedia and Webpage Design gave us a pleasant surprise when she told us she had a prior history with our programs. Gail Thompson teaches Business Education now at Raleigh’s Athens Drive High School. But back in 2006 and 2007, she was a teacher at Dillard … Continue reading

Can Race to the Top Turn the Tide?

Ten years into the 21st Century, educators have been too slow to embrace the technology tools needed to help American students keep up. That’s the conclusion of the longtime educator in charge of implementing North Carolina’s Race to the Top grants. “Classrooms still look too much like they did when I went to school,” Dr. … Continue reading

Supporting Teachers: NSDC Report Makes Case for Job-Embedded, Collaborative Professional Development

A new report from the National Staff Development Council concludes that American teachers spend more time in the classroom than many of their peers around the world – but student achievement doesn’t reflect the extra work.  Many factors can contribute to that scenario, but one conclusion they draw: teachers in the U.S. need more and … Continue reading

Five Surefire Ways to Engage Students, Part Two: Multiple Intelligences & Learning Styles

Looking for ways to engage your students and motivate them to be self-directed learners?  Here is the second of five installments of surefire tips!  This time we focus on Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences and find out “WHAT KIND OF ‘SMART’ ARE YOU (AND YOUR STUDENTS)? WHY DO WE CARE ABOUT HOW KIDS PREFER TO … Continue reading

Stop This Train That's Going in the Wrong Direction

By Dave Boliek CEO, The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning I’m starting to write before I finish reading and that’s liable to be dangerous, but I have just gotten through the introduction of a just released report and recommend it to you.  A bunch of school superintendents in Texas, sincerely PO’d at the current … Continue reading

Five Surefire Ways to Engage Students, Part One: Brain-Based Learning

By Theresa Bell The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning Looking for ways to engage your students and motivate them to be self-directed learners?  In the weeks ahead, we’ll be examining five surefire tips: The Five Surefire Ways Series: 1. Brain-Based Learning 2. Multiple Intelligences & Learning Styles 3. Cooperative Grouping 4. Graphic Organizers 5. Inquiry Based Learning … Continue reading

What Makes a Great PLC?

By Robin Fred The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning Professional Learning Communities are all the rage in education.  But what makes a great Professional Learning  Community, and why is it important to foster one?  Almost 20 QTL instructors gathered in Raleigh for an annual  meeting are discussing that question, and their collective reflections on … Continue reading

Disrupting Class: An Intriguing Take on the Future of Learning

Robin Fred The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning (Dec. 12, 2008) Author Michael Horn (Disrupting Class: Student-Centric Education is the Future) delivered the keynote to today’s session of the Joint Legislative Technology Commissions in Raleigh with a presentation that took a cutting-edge business theory and applied it to education. Horn and his co-author, Clayton … Continue reading

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