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Web 2.0 Tool: Interactive Digital Posters

If you’re looking for a collaborative project with a visual end product, here’s another new Web 2.0 resource to try. NOTA lets users create an interactive digital poster that includes a variety of resources, including text, photos, clipart, maps, links, and more. There’s even a message board function, though it seems to be in beta … Continue reading

State U vs. The Internet?

TheNextWeb poses an interesting question in an article posted earlier this month: will the Internet make college obsolete? For those of us who carry fond memories of campus life and hold our degrees in high esteem, the answer is obvious: of course it can’t. Or could it?

Five Surefire Ways, Part 4: Graphic Organizers

This month, we will look at Graphic Organizers, a fourth way to improve student performance.  (Read other portions of our series, Five Surefire Ways to Engage Students at the following links: Part One: Brain-Based Learning or Part Two: Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles or Part Three: Cooperative Learning.) Let’s say I am your boss or … Continue reading

How Technology WILL Impact the Future Classroom

Robin Fred The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning (Dec. 12, 2008) – This morning’s meeting of the North Carolina Joint Legislative Technology Commissions in Raleigh was indeed what state school board chairman Howard Lee called a “fantastically informative experience.”  The snapshots of progress in increasing the effective use of educational technology were dizzying to … Continue reading

Disrupting Class: An Intriguing Take on the Future of Learning

Robin Fred The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning (Dec. 12, 2008) Author Michael Horn (Disrupting Class: Student-Centric Education is the Future) delivered the keynote to today’s session of the Joint Legislative Technology Commissions in Raleigh with a presentation that took a cutting-edge business theory and applied it to education. Horn and his co-author, Clayton … Continue reading

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