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DRONES Are Taking Off

An exciting and amazing industry is being born.  Drones… or more accurately Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)… have found exciting business opportunities in a majority of business fields.  Drones offer great potential for entrepreneurial young people. The business applications began with camera and instrument-laden drones monitoring farm fields; searching for missing … Continue reading

Cybersecurity Already Big Business – Getting Bigger

Recently, I noted that the Internet of Things will be a 2.2-Trillion dollar business in fairly short order. Well now comes another report that today’s young people should be very aware of. The Cybersecurity market is growing at a 10.6% annual growth rate and is expected to be a $202 Billion Dollar industry worldwide in … Continue reading

DUH! Just DUH!

The article shines a light on what should have been apparent all along.  You want to slap your forehead with a loud – DUH! Kentucky is challenging the concept of “College and Career Ready.”  But that challenge comes in a thoughtful manner that starts with the concept that not everybody needs to go to college. … Continue reading

The Incredible Career and Technical Education Teacher

I am incredibly impressed with Career and Technical Educators. Those of us of certain age remember them as “shop” teachers. Later versions were “vocational” educators. Many of these men and women enjoyed successful careers and then decided they would like to pass on their skills and experience to the next generation. They became teachers. Career … Continue reading

Major Change Just Requires Commitment

I got to thinking this week about patience, stress, fulfillment, joy and despair. They’re all part of the human psyche and some of them attack at the most inopportune time. When occurrences construct seemingly insurmountable barriers, my shoulders get tight, my brain freezes and an unexplainable paralysis sets in. It’s like – “OK, I’m comfortable … Continue reading

The Overshadowed Epidemic in Schools: Testing Anxiety

The symptoms may be sweating, headaches, nausea, vomiting, racing thoughts, dry mouth, or rapid heartbeat.  Starting around March, if you have been within a 15-mile radius of any school, you may have been exposed to “it”.  However, if you are lucky you may have made it to the end of this season without catching “it”.  … Continue reading

Rethinking Time: Shifting the Paradigm on the Concept of Time

How do you squeeze more time out of a packed day?  Everyone, it seems, has a busy life and runs out of time to do what they want and have to do. In his book Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives, Dr. Richard Swenson writes, “To understand how a society … Continue reading

Five Surefire Ways Revisited

Five years ago last month, the final in a series of blog posts called Five Surefire Ways to Engage Students was posted here. That last post, in the series begun early in 2009, was actually only the fourth of the intended five discussions. The five strategies originally highlighted were (click the links to read the … Continue reading

The Foundational Importance of Early Childhood Education

As K-12 and higher ed continue to raise the bar for creating college and career ready students, we must also take a look at where the system begins  – in early childhood. Early childhood is a vital time for children as they begin to transition into their formal schooling. Children experience significant brain growth from … Continue reading

Teachers as Project Managers?

As project-based learning (PBL) becomes more and more popular, has the role of the classroom teacher changed forever? As educational trends and policies come and go, one constant is that more content and standards are being crammed into already jammed-packed curricular frameworks. An emerging instructional strategy that seems to be meeting the demands of such … Continue reading

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