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Are Public Schools Better Than Private Schools?

As this article points out, the debate about which schools are better – public or private – rages on. Valid arguments can be made on both sides; and, depending on the research, data can be found to support either position as well. While these things are certainly relevant in the policy sphere, I would argue … Continue reading

Mentors. Do They Help or Hurt New Teachers?

I think it’s rather poor science to make generalizations based on a survey of just 10 new science teachers, but this Iowa State University study does that.  The report basically shows that mentors do more harm than good for new teachers.  The study reports that mentors promote the status quo, inhibit new teaching ideas, and strongly influence a principal’s evaluation … Continue reading

Nothing Happens Til Somebody Sells Something

“Nothing happens til somebody sells something.” This sales manager’s exclamation has been widely credited, but regardless who said it first, it is one of those ultimate truths. You can manufacture the best widgets; provide the finest vacation spot;or grow the freshest vegetables, but until you get people to provide something of value… even if it’s just appreciation… … Continue reading

Developing Synergy as Educational Leaders

Michael Roberts wrote in his blog, Learning and Leading, that in order for a new educational leader to develop a synergy with his followers as soon as possible, “… it’s critical to take time to get the perspective of the followers.” Roberts suggests leaders should consider followers’ answers to three questions: 1. DO YOU CARE … Continue reading

Welders Make $150,000? Bring Back Shop Class

OK folks, time to get off our hineys and admit that not everyone is going to go to college and educators waste their time trying to cram every student into that mold.  Educators should focus their efforts on getting the best from every student and that doesn’t necessarily mean getting them ready for a 4-year degree.  I … Continue reading

Rachel Porter Named Executive Director of QTL/ExplorNet

Rachel Porter, PhD has been named Executive Director of ExplorNet and The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning. The selection was determined by ExplorNet’s board of directors at its April 28, 2014 meeting. Dr. Porter has served in numerous roles at QTL since 2004, and most recently served as QTL Programs Director. As Executive Director, … Continue reading

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