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State U vs. The Internet?

TheNextWeb poses an interesting question in an article posted earlier this month: will the Internet make college obsolete? For those of us who carry fond memories of campus life and hold our degrees in high esteem, the answer is obvious: of course it can’t. Or could it? Advertisements

Budget Frustrations

If it’s possible to measure a low point for morale in the education world, North Carolina teachers may be getting there. Budget cuts already discussed and virtually approved will take a bite out of classroom resources. Further proposed reductions will bite harder. Some lawmakers are trumpeting their plans to reduce lower grade class sizes by … Continue reading

Will ChromeOS Transform Classroom Computing?

There’s a lot of talk this week about Chromebooks and whether they will or will not change the way we use computers in everyday life. There are implications for PC repair, and if Chrome OS catches on, it could transform classroom computing. One real difference that Google brings to the fore with its newest innovation … Continue reading

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The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning expands and supports high quality teaching and effective, supportive leadership. QTL Processes bring together technology, teamwork, student data and research-based instruction to create more engaging lesson design for greater student achievement.

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