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School Improvement Effort Pays Off for Students

This spring a state report said coaching and collaboration are making a difference at Creswell High School.  Now test scores vividly illustrate the impact teachers are having. Test scores are up sharply at Creswell High School, a grade 7-12 school in rural northeastern North Carolina.  And a recent formal review of Creswell High School by … Continue reading

SummerSALT Sparks Teachers' Creativity

What do artichokes, plantains and squash have in common with GPS, laptops and wikis?  A Wilson County conference in June challenged teachers to integrate a variety of tools into 21st Century teaching. SummerSalt stands for Study and Learn Together. Wilson County developed the professional development week as “an acrobatic combination of skills and agilities integrating … Continue reading

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The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning expands and supports high quality teaching and effective, supportive leadership. QTL Processes bring together technology, teamwork, student data and research-based instruction to create more engaging lesson design for greater student achievement.

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