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Five Surefire Ways to Engage Students, Part 3: Cooperative Learning

This month, we will look deeper into Cooperative Learning, the third way to improve student performance in our series, Five Surefire Ways to Engage Students. ¬†(Read Part One:Brain-Based Learning or Part Two: Multiple Intelligences and Learning Styles or Part Four: Graphic Organizers.) Cooperative Learning models have been used at all educational levels, but are also … Continue reading

Supporting Teachers: NSDC Report Makes Case for Job-Embedded, Collaborative Professional Development

A new report from the National Staff Development Council concludes that American teachers spend more time in the classroom than many of their peers around the world – but student achievement doesn’t reflect the extra work. ¬†Many factors can contribute to that scenario, but one conclusion they draw: teachers in the U.S. need more and … Continue reading

Don't Get Phished or Pharmed

A little caution goes a long way in protecting yourself from Internet scams. Continue reading

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The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning expands and supports high quality teaching and effective, supportive leadership. QTL Processes bring together technology, teamwork, student data and research-based instruction to create more engaging lesson design for greater student achievement.

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