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Stop This Train That's Going in the Wrong Direction

By Dave Boliek CEO, The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning I’m starting to write before I finish reading and that’s liable to be dangerous, but I have just gotten through the introduction of a just released report and recommend it to you.  A bunch of school superintendents in Texas, sincerely PO’d at the current … Continue reading

Five Surefire Ways to Engage Students, Part One: Brain-Based Learning

By Theresa Bell The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning Looking for ways to engage your students and motivate them to be self-directed learners?  In the weeks ahead, we’ll be examining five surefire tips: The Five Surefire Ways Series: 1. Brain-Based Learning 2. Multiple Intelligences & Learning Styles 3. Cooperative Grouping 4. Graphic Organizers 5. Inquiry Based Learning … Continue reading

What Makes a Great PLC?

By Robin Fred The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning Professional Learning Communities are all the rage in education.  But what makes a great Professional Learning  Community, and why is it important to foster one?  Almost 20 QTL instructors gathered in Raleigh for an annual  meeting are discussing that question, and their collective reflections on … Continue reading

Obama's View of Education

By Diane Ross The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning OK, I admit it.  I’ve been very reluctant to talk about education and politics, until now.  You see, every time we get a new President (or Governor) the education world changes.  President Bush introduced school accountability.  Imagine that: up until 2002, we didn’t have a … Continue reading

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The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning expands and supports high quality teaching and effective, supportive leadership. QTL Processes bring together technology, teamwork, student data and research-based instruction to create more engaging lesson design for greater student achievement.

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