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Avoidable Losses: How High Stakes Accountability Rewards High Schools for Pushing Kids Out

David L. Boliek CEO, The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning The system spawned by No Child Left Behind can and has led to schools encouraging low performing students to drop out. Say what?!?!? If you dump low performers, school scores go up. Yep. A study released Jan 31, 2008 and viewed only 2150 times … Continue reading

Collaboration Gains Student a National Award

Dave Boliek QTL CEO The great leveler in education is innovation in a context of collaborative, high quality teaching that focuses on meeting identified student needs. When educators work toward that goal… things change and change bigtime. More often than not teachers work in their own silo… their own content area… their own classroom. It’s … Continue reading

Failure to Invest in Teachers Carries a Heavy Price Tag

David L. Boliek CEO, The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning Where can we find $15 billion dollars income for North Carolinians? Or better yet, where is $15 billion dollars going, every year? North Carolina’s newly released dropout figures show that the state has blown – thrown away – $15,296,399,200 in income by the simple … Continue reading

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The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning expands and supports high quality teaching and effective, supportive leadership. QTL Processes bring together technology, teamwork, student data and research-based instruction to create more engaging lesson design for greater student achievement.

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