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DUH! Just DUH!

The article shines a light on what should have been apparent all along.  You want to slap your forehead with a loud – DUH!

Kentucky is challenging the concept of “College and Career Ready.”  But that challenge comes in a thoughtful manner that starts with the concept that not everybody needs to go to college.

Educators proclaim that high schools provide students “College and Career Readiness.”  But do they really?

According to the Hechinger Report and U. S. News and World Report most states see college and career readiness as the same thing.  The state of Kentucky says “Not so fast.  College and Career are TWO different kinds of ready.”

In Kentucky college readiness and career readiness has been put on equal footing.  They are separate and distinct concepts.

This article highlights the concept and your thoughts and feedback would be very interesting.

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